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Contact Requirements

Alternative Learning Requirements
ALE rules require that every student in an alternative school program complete a WSLP, or Written Student Learning Plan. This document describes what will be learned, how instruction will be provided and how learning will be assessed over the year. As part of the enrollment process, a WSLP is established for each student in WINGS. Shortly after enrollment, the parent or guardian will meet with a teacher to develop the WSLP to personalize and more accurately reflect the student learning goals. The student learning plan must include the following:
  • A beginning and ending date for the learning plan. These dates are automatically generated by WINGS.
  • Estimated number of hours per week that the student will engage in learning activities to meet the requirements of the learning plan. This figure will be determined by WINGS when the percentage of full-time enrollment is indicated.
  • A description of how weekly contact requirements will be met.
  • A list of the essential instructional materials.
  • A description of specific learning goals, performance objectives, essential materials, timeline and methods of evaluation for each subject and the Common Core Standards or EALRs addressed within each subject.
  • A description of anticipated educational activities related to each subject of study.
North Star has available a full array of educational resources for parents as they help their students reach their individualized WSLP goals.

Weekly Student Teacher/Contact
Monthly hours
North Star required students need to have at least one hour per week with a certificated teacher over the course of a month. To cover this requirement, students must enroll in a minimum of one club per week with a certificated teacher.
Weekly direct student contact
Students need to make two-way contact with a certificated teacher every week. During a normal week, this occurs during their certificated club hour. However, during a week of illness or vacation, students need to contact the teacher by phone, email or face-to-face. Parent contact with a teacher does not meet this requirement. The student and teacher need to talk about learning and it must be documented by the teacher.

Progress Notes
To meet state requirements, progress notes must be reviewed each month. A very specific format is required. Each subject listed on the WSLP must be addressed. The topics most recently studied, the progress competed and the quality of the work must be addressed. On-site clubs are mentioned as activities for the course. PE must include at least 100 minutes per week. 

Progress Meetings
Families meet with certificated teachers monthly to evaluate progress and share successes. With the parent and student(s), the certificated teacher will review and summarize progress and review work samples. This is a great time to celebrate learning, ask questions and brainstorm creative approaches to learning. This process meets the state requirements and allows us to work closely as a team.

Annual Assessment

Each full-time student will meet this requirement through required WA State testing such as the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC), or Math and Science End Of Course Assessments. Part-time students will participate in formative assessments during their monthly progress meetings and MAP testing twice a year.