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Ordering Dates

The Process

In keeping with the law, the mentor teacher will ensure that a student has the approved materials needed and identified in the written student learning plan (WSLP), which is always written in collaboration with families. As is our practice, learning materials must be:

  • On our approved materials list
  • Included in the learning plan
  • No faith-based materials

Ordering Dates

CORE Materials

This list includes materials that are commonly used by many families. Our comprehensive list of CORE materials was provided at the curriculum fair and is attached at the bottom of this page. The mentor teacher will enter these materials in an order spreadsheet for purchasing.

SUPPORT Materials

This list includes approved materials that may be more unique to a given situation or learner’s needs, and are not as likely to be widely used by others. After approving the materials, the mentor teacher will submit the order for purchasing on the next purchasing date. 


Ordering Dates
Please remember that the district cannot reimburse families or club advisors for materials they purchase with their own money. 

Which curriculum is approved for purchase?
North Star provides core and support curriculum materials for the current year. These include textbooks, trade books, educational CDs and DVDs, subscriptions to approved online learning products, and math manipulatives that still function if a few small pieces are lost such as pattern blocks or unit blocks;
We do not purchase supplies that are consumable, with the exception of workbooks.  We do not approve kits that could lose small pieces and then be unavailable for other students. We cannot purchase coloring books or art supplies. We also cannot purchase items that would normally be included on a "classroom supply list" such as paper and pencils.
All the materials we purchase must be those that COULD be used in a public school, meaning that they show a diversity of opinions and viewpoints and are secular.
In particular, items we cannot purchase and providers that we cannot use include:  Learning Language Arts Through Literature; Apologia; Horizons; Bob Jones; Abeka; Alpha Omega; Prima Latin; Lego's kits

What about science kits?

Mentor teachers may order secular science kits for students that are COMPLETELY CONSUMABLE such as the Young Scientist Club Kits or specimens for dissection.  We cannot order Lego's or K'nex or similar kits for science.  We might also order science materials kits that are COMPLETELY NON-CONSUMABLE...such as a model of the human heart. These materials will be returned at the end of the learning unit or school year. 

What about off-site classes like piano, karate or CYT?

We offer a wide variety of such activities on-site as clubs, but we are NOT able to pay for off-site vendors.