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Club Schedule

                  2020-2021 Club Schedule:                                                                                            
Clubs are year-long "after school activities" supervised by club advisors.
These are not academic courses, are not held 5 hours per week, and do not accrue grades.                        
Due to the flexible nature of alternative education, they are offered at times convenient for all, rather than from 3:30-5:30
Below is the schedule for the 2020-2021 year-long clubs, organized in a grid, by location and time. 
For an idea of what school will look like on-site during a year of COVID, please see the document attached below: A Day in the Life...

~The clubs with a star provide contact with certified teachers. 
  Each student must attend at least one "star" club per week with a certified teacher and may sign up for a total of 10 hours of clubs. 
  • Some clubs will only happen if we, as a school, are operating on-site. These clubs are colored WHITE on the schedule.    
  • Some clubs will begin on-site but are prepared to move online if we cannot meet on-site for a while. These are WHITE AND YELLOW on the schedule. 
  • Some clubs will begin in a hybrid model. This means they will be available both on-site and online from the beginning. These are GREEN on the schedule. If we move totally online, these clubs will become online clubs as well.
Clubs which do not enroll at least 5 students will be canceled.
Does your child want to be a Teacher's Assistant (TA)? 
Students will be enrolled as TA's on a first-come-first-serve basis, dependant upon approval.
Requests will be accepted by email at the beginning of club enrollment.
Please email Ginny ( beginning August 22nd at 9 am. Earlier requests will be deleted. 
Include your child's name, the day of the week, the time and the class in which your child would like to be a TA. 
This schedule is also attached for download in PDF format, (at the bottom of this page).
Have questions about the content of a particular club?
Please email Ginny at for information.
                                                   Monday 2020 - 2021
                                                     Tuesday 2020-2021
                                                  Wednesday 2020-2021