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Selecting Curriculum » How to Select Curriculum

How to Select Curriculum

How do we select curriculum?

Each family will meet with a mentor teacher to develop a personalized Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP). At that time you will identify the curriculum that is the best fit for your child and family, to meet the goals of the WSLP. Other pages in this section (available to the right)  provide an extensive list of approved curriculum in each of the subject areas listed below, with links to the products. The links will allow you to review a variety of high-quality resources that the school can purchase for you, using a curriculum allotment. 
  • K-8 Language Arts
  • K-8 Social Studies
  • K-8 Science
  • K-12 Math
  • High School Social Studies
  • High School English/Language Arts
  • High School Science
We have a small library of curriculum materials available for check-out at no cost. Additionally, parents may request specific materials from our approved lists, which can be purchased by the school using a curriculum allotment. We have budgeted up to $500 per year for each student's curriculum needs, that are tied to the WSLP and approved by the mentor teacher. 

Can we use Christian curriculum?


As a public school, we cannot approve any curriculum that is faith-based, and students must select from our very broad list of approved materials. Families can also submit new materials for approval.


Students are required to report on learning for 15 hours as kindergarten students, 25 hours as K-3 students, 30 hours as 4-6 students and 30 hours as 7-12 students. During those hours of instruction, only approved curriculum can be used. Many parents in a partnership program complete far more than the required hours of study. Many use this additional time to access materials that reflect their family’s unique values and worldview.


Some families teach additional courses to their students, outside the required number of hours required by the school. Other families only enroll in our school part-time, and, by law, retain their homeschooling status for the subjects taught outside of our school’s supervision. In these homeschooled classes, parents have much greater freedom and choose any curriculum that is a good fit for their child and family, including faith-based materials.

Our Primary Curriculum Supplier 
Rainbow Resources (Approved Vendor; sells many of the items featured in the links below)

Multi-Subject Publishers
Resources from Mead School District
  1. APEX Online Learning Courses 9-12
  2. One Click Digital (free audio books)
Building Approved Supplemental Curriculum: Multiple Subjects
  1. Power My Learning Resources
  2. Moby Max
  3. IXL Math online
  4. World History for Kids
  5. Oh Ya? Prove it! Persuasive Outlining
  6. Just a Bit Writing: Writing in Small Chunks
  7. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  8. Freedom: A History of US by Joy Hakim
  9. Gooru Learning Resources
  10. President’s Council on Physical Fitness
  11. Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions for Kids: