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Science K-12


Most popular selections and grade-level work: Science K-12


Cover a mix of topics in life science, earth & space science, physics, and chemistry concepts

using read-aloud books, hands-on activities, and science journaling.:

Most popular K-2 selections:
Read and Find Out Science Level 2
Recommended websites:


Cover the following at least once each using lab activities, science note-booking, and text:

Life science; Earth & Space Science; Physics Concepts; Chemistry Concepts; Engineering & Computer science
Most popular 3-6 selections:



Most popular 7-10 selections: 

2020-2021 (lab offerings rotate every year)

7-8th Integrated Science w/Life Science Emphasis (Lab 2020-2021)
9-10th Biology (Lab 2020-2021)

2021-2022 (lab offerings rotate every year)

7-8th Integrated Science w/Earth/Space Emphasis (Lab 2021-2022)
9-10th Physical Science (Intro to Physics and Chemistry) (Lab 2021-2022)


Most popular 11-12 selections:             
  • 11th-12th (On Campus) Environmental Science (includes Engineering and State test prep - Non-lab)
  • Science classes at Running Start
  • Science classes at Skill Center
Science Materials
North Star has the following practices for ordering science materials
  1. North Star can order science materials that are non-consumable, such as a “human body model”. These will be checked out through our library process. Please return it as soon as you are done with it.
  2. North Star can order completely consumable kits from The Young Scientist Club or the Magic School House kits. Other completely consumable kits must be pre-approved.
  3. We have several microscopes for 4 week check out.


We will purchase and stock the following for high school courses for special situations:

Chemistry Equipment Kit (non-consumable) with

Intro to Chemistry Kit (consumable)



Dissection Kit Intermediate (consumable)

Bacteria Experiment Kit (consumable)


Physical Science

Introduction to Electricity Kit (consumable)

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop (consumable)

District Approved Traditional Classroom Materials