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Staff Support

We can now search our library and the libraries of the other schools in our district, for instance, if we need a class set of books. Here is the link:
Using PowerSchool for a North Star roster
Type the following into the search bar: area=ns
Creating a Flipgrid and sending it to Google Classroom
How do we use Veritime to enter our hours? 
Username: 10-digit phone number
Password: 4 digit SS# string
How do I request help from the technology department?
Submitting a Tech Help Desk Ticket.
(Please check in with GInny before submitting a tech ticket.)
How do we order supplies?
How do LDE's order from the copy center?
Send a digital version of what you want to be printed to Cynthia with instructions on how you want it printed.
She will get it to the copy center and then get it to you.
It may come back the same day or as much as 48 hours later.
Only certs and office staff have the online permissions to access the copy center.
Online orders
As usual, the preference is to place orders online. The form is attached....and it is different from next year but pretty self-explanatory. Our new administrative assistant, Ashley can help you if you have any questions. You can reach her at 465-7730.
  1. Choose from one of the providers on the approved vendor list.
  2. Download the CURRICULUM ORDER form you will find at the bottom of this page. 
  3. Fill in the curriculum order form and email it digitally to Ashley
  4. Keep track of your own budget, please.
Purchase orders
For a few of our clubs items need to be purchased weekly. 
For this, we have purchase orders at Yokes, Home Depot and Safeway. 
We are working on getting another grocery store to provide us with a purchase order. Please check in with Ashley about how to use a purchase order.
Procurement Card (Credit Card) IMPORTANT
Moving forward, only Cynthia, Ashley and Ginny will have access to the credit card. Cynthia will be collecting your orders throughout the month and will use some of her time during progress meeting week (ONLY ONCE PER MONTH) to purchase supplies for club advisors. Please fill out the P-CARD order form below only for items that we cannot order online.
  1. Create one order form per store
  2. Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot are the three stores Cynthia visits. Any other locations need special permission.
  3. Download and fill out STAFF CREDIT CARD order form at the bottom of the page. BE DESCRIPTIVE!  
  4. Fill in the curriculum order form and email it digitally to
  5. Keep track of your own budget please.
If you have trouble downloading and uploading documents, we are happy to teach you how to do it. Submitting the order in this form saves everyone a lot of work, and therefore, orders can be placed and filled more quickly.

Please remember that the district cannot reimburse instructors for materials they purchase with their own money. Also, the cost allotment for your supplies includes the cost of shipping.