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Copying Information

Certificated/Office staff

Can a job that was sent to the POD copier can be canceled?

Yes, depending on how fast it processes, you can cancel it a couple of different ways.

  • Once the print queue window comes up on the Mac, try to quickly hit the "x" button.
  • Using HelloID, log into PaperCut.
    • Select Jobs Pending Release.
    • Select cancel.

If using findme-print, then logging into PaperCut before swiping your card at the POD copier may be your best option. 
COPY CENTER (for more than 5 copies)
To submit Copy Center orders, please use the web browser Firefox and this web address: Please contact our Helpdesk at ext 7777 or if you still experience issues.
Recent information from the copy center:
The new mac's seem to always print back-to-back.  Here are the directions for printing on one side.  :)


Open a multi-page Word document

Go to File>Print

1. Go to the third drop down box that says Copies & Pages

2. Choose Layout/Finish

3. Change the Print Type to 1-Sided

4. Go to Presets box and choose Save Current Settings as Preset – which will

open a window where you can name the Preset option to 1-SIDED COPY ONLY

then OK

5. This is what your print window should now look like – click on Print



  • Please do not submit more than 5 days worth of orders (The Copy Center can't keep up with the orders - especially at the start of the new school year)
  • Folders - please put multiple orders with the same color of paper in one folder
  • Please convert all Word documents to pdf format so it copies the same as your document
  • Instructions for sending an order to the copy center BELOW:
  • When you log into the new server, you will no longer see the actual pdf document in the viewer. Instead, you will see the name of your document with the file extension. See the example below.

BUILDING COPIERS - (Konica Minolta)

If you are currently using the old Ricoh copier driver to print to the new copier, it will only print one sheet at a time. You can then take that sheet and copy the quantity needed. The new drivers will be installed on your computer by our Technicians sometime in the future.
Scanning multiple pages:
  • Login to the copier you are using
  • Choose Fax/Scan button
  • Select Scan Settings (lower left)
  • OK
  • Choose Email me
  • Choose your email address
  • Put the first sheet (page) down
  • Start
  • Put the second sheet (page) down
  • Start
  • Put the third sheet (page) down (same process for more pages)
  • Start
  • Finish Display will show ... (The Transmission will start - Press Start)
  • Start
  • Log off
To Change the default from 2-Sided to 1-Sided on your computer (Konica is a "green company" so they make their defaults to use print duplex for a multi-page document:
PCs on XP Operating System:
Start>Settings>Printers>right click on the Konica you are using>Properties>Advance tab>Printing Defaults>Layout tab>Print Type>change to 1-Sided using the blue drop down arrow>Apply>OK>OK
PCs on Windows 7 Operating System:
Start>Control Panel>Devices/Printers>right click on the Konica copier>Printer Properties>Preferences>Layout
Tab>Choose 1-Sided>Apply>OK>Ok
Macs (view attachment)
Open a Word document
Go to File>Print
Go to the third drop down box that says Copies & Pages and choose Layout/Finish
Change the Print Type to 1-Sided
Then go up to Presets box and choose
Save Current Settings as Preset
If you have any questions, please call x7777