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Enrolling at North Star

Are you interested in enrolling at North Star? 


High school students entering after the beginning of school in the fall, will first meet with our principal, Bruce Olgard, at the Five Mile School, (509) 465-7700) for an interview.  High school students enrolling in the spring for the following fall can follow the steps below.

Our normal enrollment process has six steps:

  1. Tour / Interview with Ginny or Shellie (Thursdays)
    • First, you and your children will tour our campus and meet with our director, so we can talk and see if this program is a good fit in terms of what you are looking for. 

  2. Complete and submit paperwork
    • If it is a good fit, you will be able to fill in the necessary paperwork.
    • If you are living outside the Mead School District, you will have to be released from you home district and accepted into Mead. That usually takes a little bit of time. 
    • When this is completed (and approved by our administrative assistant) we can proceed

  3. Complete Orientation 
    • Nuts and bolts; rules, practices, routines
    • Learning how to complete curriculum orders
    • Understanding requirements and laws
    • What is needed in a learning plan?

Our parent orientations for the rest of the 2017-18 school year are available on

                    selected Fridays below from 10 am-12 pm :

Oct. 12th

Nov. 9th

Jan 5th

Feb 16th

March 9th

April 20th
May 31st  (Thursday)

  1. WLSP meetings (Thursdays)
    • Next, you will meet with Ginny or another teacher to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) for each of your children, individualized to fit their needs and the needs of your family. 
    • Place your orders for curriculum.
    • Enroll in clubs

Students began registering for our first semester clubs in late August and our second semester clubs in the middle of January. However, we enroll students all year long until May. Although your students may not get their first choice of club activities, when their enrollment is complete, they will be able to pick from the classes that are not full. You can take a look at our current learning club offerings on our North Star website, The website can also tell you more about our school and our philosophy.

We encourage you to contact our administrative assistant, Kelsey, to sign up for an initial intake tour and interview, so that you are ready for the next orientation. You can reach her at 509-465 -7730 or

If you plan to independently homeschool until you enroll at North Star, you will need to fill out a Declaration of Intent to homeschool. We have copies in our office.




Enrollment Paperwork
All Families:
  • Parent Contract (for each child)
  • Food allergy form if your child has one
  • Secondary student contract (for students in grades 7-12)
Families who live WITHIN the Mead School District:
  • In-district Elementary or Secondary form 
Families who live OUTSIDE the Mead School District
  • Out-of-district Elementary or Secondary form
Do you have a waiting list?
We do not currently have a waiting list, but the following is our policy:

North Star exists to support the instruction of students receiving part of their educational instruction at home. In alignment with our goal of facilitating competency-based learning as opposed to contact time for students, we have the following enrollment criteria:
  1. Siblings of currently enrolled North Star students will be placed at the top of the wait-list, whether they are in or out of district.
  2. In-district students.
  3. The final group to be accepted is new, out of district families.
When an opening occurs parents will be notified and they will have five (5) full working days to notify the school of their desire to enroll. If they decide against enrollment or if they fail to respond in the allotted amount of time, they will be removed from the waiting list.