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Enrolling in the North Star Partnership Program

How do I enroll my child(ren) at North Star?

North Star is currently full for high school students for the 2020-2021 school year.

We have limited openings for K-8 students.

North Star evaluates available openings during the summer and once per quarter. 
We will post any available openings on the following dates:
  • August 5th (completed)
  • September 23rd (completed)
  • November 9th (completed)
  • February 9th (completed)
    We are full for the rest of the 2021 school year. We are beginning enrollment for fall.

    and will continue to hold interviews on the dates below until all openings are filled.

  • April 15th at 11 am (high school and K-8 openings available for the fall of 2021) 
  • April 29th at 11 am (for the fall of 2021) (if we still have openings)
  • May 20th at 11 am (for the fall of 2021) (if we still have openings)
  • June 3rd at 11 am (for the fall of 2021) (if we still have openings)
  • June 17th at 11 am (for the fall of 2021) (if we still have openings)
  • August 15th: (if we still have openings)
  • September 3rd: Enrollment closes until October.
  • September 24rd (post any available openings for October enrollment)
  • November 5th (post any available openings for November enrollment)
  • January 14th (post any available openings for February enrollment)


Steps to Enrollment at North Star (details below)

1. Research our school~ 
    • Review the website, especially the pages under "About our Program" Make sure to contact the office if you have any questions that this website does not adequately answer: 509-465-7730. If your child is transferring to North Star from another Mead District school, some of your paperwork is already completed.  Please contact the office.


 2.  Come to a tour: (This is suspended during the current closure) 
    •  Arrange your calendar for your child(ren) and at least the teaching parent, to tour our campus and meet with our director. 
    • Sign background release of information

3. Schedule and complete an interview 
    • Email Ginny at to express your interest and schedule an interview.
    • We will talk and see if this program is a good fit in terms of what North Star requires and what your family needs.  Our next set of interviews is scheduled for April 15th at 11 am (for September of 2021)

At the time of your interview, please turn in :
  ~Tour and Interview form (form attached below)
  ~New Family Release of information 5.1.20 (form attached below)
  ~The teaching parent (or both parents) and child(ren) need to attend the interview.
    If enrollment is approved, families may begin completing the enrollment paperwork.
4. Complete our enrollment forms
    • Complete enrollment paperwork detailed below.
      District forms are completed online.
      Additional North Star required documents
      can be downloaded below.
      Please print them out and hand in the hard copies at :
Address: 13120 N Pittsburg St   
                 Spokane   WA  99208  
Phone:     509-465-7730 
        (Questions? )

5. Schedule and attend a WSLP meeting
6. Attend an orientation
    • The teaching parent will attend a new family orientation, where we will cover: 
       ~the rules, practices, and routines of North Star;
      ow to complete curriculum orders; understanding requirements and laws; progress meetings etc.
      This information will be provided by your mentor teacher due to COVID Closure)


7. Register for clubs 
    • When steps 1-6 are complete, your students are ready to be registered for clubs.
      Students enroll in year-long clubs in late August. 
      Students who enroll after August 24th will be able to pick from the clubs that are not full.
      The club schedule for the current year (2020-21) is available here.  
      The new fall club schedule (2021-22) is usually posted in early August.

      August 24th Registration for Clubs at 9 am (Group 1)

      August 25th Registration for Clubs at 9 am (Group 2)

If you plan to independently homeschool until you enroll at North Star, WA State requires a "Declaration of Intent" to homeschool. We have copies in our office and a downloadable version below. 


Enrollment Paperwork
First, fill out the Mead District Enrollment Paperwork online at this link.
Then fill out the required North Star documents attached below.
North Star documents (attached below)

Mail to :


13120 N Pittsburg St   

Spokane   WA  99208  

Phone: 509-465-7730


Which documents do I need to fill out?
All Families (for each child):
  • Health Emergency Form 
  • Letter to Instructors
  • Records Request
  • Parent Contract Elementary (for each student K-8)
  • Parent Contract Secondary (for each student 9-12)
  • Food allergy form (if your child has allergies)
  • Secondary student contract (for each student in grades 9-12)
  • Statement of Understanding 
  • CIS (Certificate of Immunization Status) Form (Doctor signature required)
Families who live WITHIN the Mead School District:
  • Elementary IntraDistrict Transfer (K-5) OR
  • Secondary IntraDistrict Transfer form (6-12) 
Families who live OUTSIDE the Mead School District
  • Out of District Non-resident Transfer form (This form will be available by 6/1/2021)
  • North Star Choice Transfer Request (This form will be available 6/1/2021)
Families who plan to independently homeschool until they enroll at North Star
  • Declaration of intent to provide home-based education.



Do you have a waiting list?

We do not keep a waiting list; the following is our practice:

North Star exists to support the instruction of students receiving part of their educational instruction at home. In alignment with our goal of facilitating competency-based learning as opposed to contact time for students, we have the following enrollment criteria:
  1. First, children of currently enrolled North Star families or staff will be placed at the top of the enrollment list, whether they reside in or out of the district, on a first-come-first-serve basis (date enrollment paperwork is received). 
  2. Second, in-district students will be enrolled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. The final group to be accepted will be new, out of district families, on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. High school students entering after the beginning of school in the fall, will first meet with our principal Nick Edwards, at the Five Mile School, (509) 465-7700 for an interview.  High school students enrolling in the spring can skip this step.