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Important Practices

Basic Rules for Students:

  • Be kind and include everyone.
  • During lunch and recess, sit with others and welcome others.
  • Use inside voices, kind words and gentle hands inside the school.
  • Sit down and wait for instructions when entering a classroom.
  • Ask an adult for permission before leaving a classroom or building.
  • Obey adults quickly.
  • No cell phones in school.

To minimize the disruption of classes caused by late arrivals or early pick-ups:

  • If a child is more than 5 minutes late, the parent needs to come in to see the secretary and get a late slip,
    before the child is allowed to enter class.
  • If a child needs to head home early, the parent and child must check out with the secretary.
  • If tardiness, early pick-ups or absences occur more than 3 times per semester, an advisor will meet with the family to discuss options and possible changes in the student schedule, to reduce disruption to the class.

To ensure progress notes are entered in a timely manner:

  • Progress notes are due the third week of the previous month, and are to be entered according to the template provided. Students without appropriate notes will be kept after school until notes are completed on the last week of the month. 

To minimize the confusion/disruption to teachers about the addition or subtraction of students from their classes: 

  • Registration will be closed to parents immediately after initial registration.
  • Parents will be able to change their student's classes for two weeks after the beginning of classes.  Simply ask the Office Manager for an add/drop slip and the Office Manager or teacher can make the change for you.
  • New students will only enter a class with an add/drop slip that is signed by the mentor teacher. 
  • Changes to a class schedule after two weeks is generally discouraged and requires approval by the mentor teacher.