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From the Principal

From the Principal:


We are excited to work with families who chose to provide some or all of their children’s education from home. At North Star we will work closely with parents to provide quality educational opportunities and resources for their families. Our mission is to collaborate with parents to customize a child’s education in order to prepare students for life’s responsibilities, challenges and opportunities.

By actively partnering with parents , we strive to provide a quality, academically challenging, safe, and supportive learning environment. We are proud of our parents and staff because of their commitment to meet each individual child’s needs. As an alternative school, we operate under the authority of the State of Washington and the laws pursuant to an alternative learning experience (ALE, WAC 392-121-182). North Star is a school which takes its responsibility for supporting parents in meeting the learning goals for each student very seriously.

This website is provided to you in an effort to answer some of your questions and provide information on the operation of this unique program. However, if you have additional questions or feel your questions were not fully answered, please call us a 509-465-7700. We look forward to working with you and your child.

Bruce Olgard, Principal

Bruce Olgard: Principal


Bruce Olgard serves as the principal of the North Star program as well as Five Mile School and the M.E.A.D. Alternative Program. He has many years of experience in education and is excited about serving this unique community of learners. He oversees the program, hires teachers and instructors, and provides leadership for the program. He can be reached at: and 509-465-7710.