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What We Believe

Mission Statement

North Star School is a public school serving the Mead School District.
     We support families who provide intentional instruction in the home environment,
           making the most of each learner's potential.
     We mentor families,
           offer clubs and
               build community.
What We Believe....
We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.
We believe that every child is a unique learner on a unique path.
We believe that learning is a family affair.
We believe that there should be a wide variety of choices in education.
We believe there are many ways to learn and become educated.
We believe in serving each child as an individual, within the primary context of his or her family.
We believe that we are preparing students for a changing future and for jobs that we cannot imagine.
We believe in the importance of rich abilities in reading, writing, math and problem solving.
We believe in the intrinsic value of learning in the arts, fitness, technology and vocational areas.       
We believe that school should be a place of encouragement and engagement.
We believe that every child can learn and progress at his or her own pace, given the right environment and support.
We believe in helping students to become life-long learners.
We believe in the importance of innovation, creativity and problem solving.
We believe that education involves more than gaining knowledge and skills; it involves the whole person.
We believe that schools can partner with parents to enrich opportunities for students.
We believe in meeting the requirements of the law with integrity.
We believe that this partnership program is not the best fit for every child and family.
We believe in supporting families to enter or exit a program easily and seamlessly to fit their changing needs and circumstances.
We believe a partnership program should be positive, forward-thinking, and welcoming to every child and family.
We believe in proactive problem solving and servant leadership.
We believe in children.


1. Continually explore and develop engaging classes to sustain enthusiasm for learning and enrich student educational progress.
2. Assist families in identifying curriculum choices which are a good fit for each child's and family's unique needs.
3. Provide families with support and encouragement so that each student can advance academically and holistically.
4. Create a positive and safe environment of warmth and provide opportunities for families to interact and support one another in the North Star Community.

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