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Parent Encouragement » Coffee and Conversation for Parents

Coffee and Conversation for Parents

    Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation

...our new series for parents, has been so well received that

we are scheduling three gatherings per month through April.


Our conversations are built around the "At-Home Learning Series"

created by the wise and wonderful Nancy Fertig

of the River Homelink Program in Battleground, WA

and is used with her permission.


Parents come together to learn from each other and support 

each other in the adventure of learning at home through

discussion of ten different topics, presented across the year.

This series provides both new and experienced parents with

practical tools, ideas, and concepts that will help families

develop effective at-home learning environments.

These gatherings nurture the heart and soul of our parents

and give them an opportunity to meet and to network with one another.


We provide childcare and may bring treats to share. :-)

Please RSVP for planning purposes to Kelsey:

January-April Schedule

1/8   Monday: Makerspace (9-10 am)

1/16  Tuesday: Maker space (9-10 am)

1/24  Wednesday: Art Room (9-10 am)


2/12  Monday: Makerspace (9-10 am)

2/27  Tuesday: Maker space (9-10 am)

2/21  Wednesday: Art Room (9-10 am)


3/13 Tuesday: Maker space (9-10 am)

3/19 Monday: Makerspace (9-10 am)

3/28 Wednesday: Art Room (9-10 am)


4/17 Tuesday: Maker space (9-10 am)

4/25 Wednesday: Art Room (9-10 am)

4/30 Monday: Makerspace (9-10 am)