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Preparing for Assessments

General Test Prep
Here is a good method for answering short answer and essay questions on any test.
4 Step Test Method
1. Repeat Question
2. Answer Question
3. Give evidence for answer and include citation (Which source the evidence came from)
4. Impact your argument/answer.  Why does the evidence prove the answer.  Why do I care?
Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips
Tips on answering multiple choice questions:

Read the question before you look at the answer.

Come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible answers, this way the choices given on the test won't throw you off or trick you.

Eliminate answers you know aren't right.

Read all the choices before choosing your answer.

If there is no guessing penalty, always take an educated guess and select an answer.

Don't keep on changing your answer, usually your first choice is the right one, unless you misread the question.

In "All of the above" and "None of the above" choices, if you are certain one of the statements is true don't choose "None of the above" or one of the statements are false don't choose "All of the above".

In a question with an "All of the above" choice, if you see that at least two correct statements, then "All of the above" is probably the answer.

A positive choice is more likely to be true than a negative one.

Usually the correct answer is the choice with the most information.



Learn to Type (Or at least become familiar with keyboard/mouse for younger students)
Here are a few free typing options.  There are lots of free typing programs.  Be careful as some are free but include ads.
Resources to prepare for the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC)
1. First, go ahead and take some free online practice tests. 
2. Second spend some time studying math vocabulary, language arts vocabulary, and test specific vocabulary for the month before the test. 
3. Check out Prep Factory
First off, the state of Virginia has compiled a great resource of grade specific "pictures" to go with math vocabulary.  Check this out!
Second, here is the Smarter Balanced list of terms by grade level
Construct or "Test Specific Vocabulary"
Great Vocabulary Resources
Free vocabulary resource where you can create custom lists.  Lots of users have already created lists for the SBAC but be careful as they are not necessarily high quality.  (i.e. anyone can create them)