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Free Intro to Square Dancing

Free Intro to Square Dancing
Thursday - September 26 - 7 to 9 pm
North Spokane Dance Center - 7424 N. Freya St.
This is not a school-sponsored event but is made possible for North Star families by the owner of the Dance Center that we use for our end-of-year Celebration of Learning.
This is a family activity, everyone dances together. We usually start kids dancing at about age 10. They must have a good attention span and know right and left. Younger kids are welcome to bring toys or books and play in the dining area. They will be in the same room as their parents. It is not unusual for adults to dance with babies in body carriers. Casual clothing with comfortable shoes. Everything will be taught from the very beginning. Absolutely nothing to bring or buy. We will provide cookies and coffee for the break. There is no rating, grading or scoring. This is an open invitation, bring your friends and neighbors. Our only goal is to get more people dancing.
for information - Karen at or 509-489-4492