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Club Descriptions

                 Club Descriptions Fall 2017

Clubs are "after school activities" supervised by advisors.
They are not academic courses and do not accrue grades.

Due to the flexible nature of alternative education,
they are offered at times convenient for all.

3D Design In this club students who have a particular interest in a technology project will get to work on it with tutorial support. This may include Google sketch-up, 3D printing, coding, computer animation, or others. Those without a particular driving interest will learn 3D computer sculpting with the Mudbox application.

Acrobatics 2: This acrobatics course if for students who have mastered the basics of Acrobatics 1 and are looking for a greater challenge. Students who arrive without enough experience will be moved to the acrobatics 1 class. Feel free to contact Miss Rachael if you are unsure which class is best for your child.

Acrobatics I This club focuses on one and two person acrobatics including feats of balance, agility and coordination. Slack line, floor stunts, and basic skills such as handstands, somersaults and cartwheels, we will eventually move onto two person stunts and tricks. While safety and control are our number one priorities, there will be plenty of fun and games along the way.  The skills we learn are sure to match any skill level from a first time learners to an experienced acrobat.  The sky is the limit as each student proves his/her ability to advance in difficulty. 

“Adulting” B: This is the second course, (which DOES NOT require completion of the first course) in which students will learn important skills for the day you move out on your own: how to find, rent and manage an apartment, cook edible food, manage small a crises (like a loose button), present yourself, choose clothing for an interview, iron a shirt, manage body language and interviews, live cheaply, learn to improvise and save, maintain your nice things, deal with awkward communication situations, and much more. Learn to adult!

American Girls: Discover what life was like for girls through the historical fiction series "American Girls." Explore the history, traditions and influences of the day for girls growing up at various time periods in American History. We will read excerpts from the books, look at the accompanying dolls and accessories, dress up when appropriate, do crafts, and sample foods. We will create a journal/scrapbook of our own and write a diary page as if we were living in the time we are studying.

American Sign Language  Come learn the 4th most used language in the U.S. In this beginning level course, students are introduced to Deaf Culture and History and instruction of the basics of ASL grammar and syntax, vocabulary, fingerspelling, numbers and visual-manual communication. Skill-building activities and games as well as interactive communication will be used to enhance developing expressive and receptive skills in the target language.

Animal Art: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! From reptiles and mammals to watercolor and mixed media, this course will have all things animals and art. The young students will learn to use artist tools properly, share supplies and create refrigerator worthy projects to take home.

Archery: Calling all Robinhoods, Katniss Everdeens, Hawkeyes and Green Arrows! Archery has arrived at North Star!  Both beginners and students with some archery experience will find instruction and skill improvement in our new PE club. Whether you are ultimately interested in bow hunting or target archery, our certified instructors will help you advance your skills. This class will cover archery safety, different types of equipment, range set up, shooting techniques, advanced alignment, and extensive practice. Safety will be the first and paramount priority in this class.

Art Studio In this club, student who are serious about improving their artistic skills will enjoy 1-2 hours of guided studio lessons in mixed media. Drawing, painting, pastels and 3D materials will be accessed as the focused artists and their teacher build remarkable skills.  Students can come for 1 or 2 hours.

Artist's Workshop:  Wouldn't it be fun to walk into a room full of art supplies and let your creativity loose?!! OUr wonderful art teacher will be avaiable as a consultant, guide and idea resource, but your own creativity will take center stage.  In this independent, self-directed class, students will select their project and have access to all of our mediums and materials.

Automata  In this class you will learn the process of building a gear-driven automata. An automata is a self-operating machine, designed to have moving parts controlled by one handle (think jack-in-the-box but cooler).  The students will start ‎with paper kits then move to designing their own using cardboard. The final project will be a completed, wooden automata that would make a toy shop proud. This club is a great introduction to design, mechanics and real life application of simple machine principals.

Ballet and Lyric Dance In this introductory dance class, students will learn some of the basic positions and movements of ballet. Also, they will have an opportunity for expressive dance through the fluid choreography and emotional focus of the lyric dance component. Come join this dance class, one of the most effective and elegant ways of improving posture, grace, flexibility, and strength.

Ballet/Lyrical Dance: This is a beginning classes for students with limited or no dance experience, although more experienced dancers are welcome.  The objective of this classes is to provide students with the fundamentals of ballet and lyric dance techniques and to initiate interest and appreciation of dance as an art form. Continuing and new students welcome.

BasketsBasket weaving is one of the most widespread crafts in the history of human civilization. Baskets have been woven throughout history for practical, artistic and religious purposes. In this class students will learn about basket leaving, complete baskets of their own design, and learn to make a simple basket from start to finish. Other activities will be included to embellish the baskets.  

Be a Star Star in your own movie! Using scripts from familiar children’s stories, lots of improvisation and made-up lines, students will learn to interpret literature, using the movie-making app on an iPad.  Reading is not required but a desire to perform is essential!

Be a Star Star in your own movie! Using scripts from familiar children’s stories, lots of improvisation and made-up lines, students will learn to interpret literature, using the movie-making app on an iPad. Reading is not required but a desire to perform is essential!

Beginning Woodcrafting In this class, students will learn to use hand tools to build a variety of wood projects.  The saw, miter box, hammer, screw driver, sanding block and simple finishes will become well known friends in this fun, hands-on class.

Biology Lab:Hands-on, minds-on inquiry-based study of introductory biology for middle/high school students. Join us to make grocery store items come alive, moldify Jell-O, analyze dragon genetics, solve murders, gorge on jellybeans, digest food outside your body, see how long you can hold your breath, and more! High school students will need to turn in written lab reports to their certified teacher to have this considered one of their activities towards a high school biology credit.

Book Tastings In this class, children will be introduced to a variety of authors and illustrators to find new literary treats to enjoy. Students will take turns introducing other students to tsome of their favorite books based on a "Reading Rainbow" oral book review format. Literary themed snacks will be served as students increase their oral presentations skills and love for books.

Build a Fidget Spinner (K-3) They are all the craze... and you know you love them... but how do you make one? Come learn the step-by-step process of building a variety of basic fidget spinners.  All  materials areprovided and you will finish the class with more than one completed spinner and the knowledge to make more!

Candles and Lanterns: Calling all lovers of light!  In this course students will learn how to make a variety of candles using various materials.   Additionally, they will learn to make lanterns of different shapes and sizes, also using different materials. Practical and fun, the students will take home several completed projects that can be used at home. This is a great hands-on supplement to an early American History course.

Car Engines and Car Maintainence: In this class students will learn to complete maintenance and simpler repair tasks for cars while the weather is good. As the weather turns, we will construct an accurate and working model of a combustion engine to understand how it works and the importance of regular care and maintainence.   Students will become more handy around the garage and learn to save money through acquiring these important skills.

Catapults and Flying Crafts:  Students may need to duck for cover as they explore the physics and construction of catapults and flying crafts. Hands-on science activities and construction of these simple machines and flying crafts will engage learners in design thinking and science.

Chalk Art: Chalk pastels are a fascinating art medium. Pastels are FUN! There is no drying time involved so students see the results immediately and know what the piece is going to look like. Pastels are tactile. Students love being able to touch the art as they work on it . . . blending, layering, marking, moving the pastels around using mostly their hands. This step-by-step club takes students through materials and techniques—soft and hard pastels, pencils, different papers and accessories from craft Students will experiment with texture, color, and toning, and see how to clean, erase, and fix pastels. By semester's end, students will have an  inspiring portfolio or pastel works to display at home.

Chess Club:  The Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of chess against their peers in a low-stress environment. Students of all levels are welcome to come, as help is given to those who need it. Chess variants, chess theory and moves will be taught, as students are ready.

Civil War Hands-on History   History fun and exciting? You bet! This club includes games, projects  and hands-on activities  for the study of important events during the Civil War. The hands-on lessons foster engagement, teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. In addition, the club is taught by  a Civil war enthusiast and re-enactor.

Construction: Remodeling  In this club the students will learn the fundamentals of safety, tools, carpentry, plumbing and electrical.  Learn how math actually applies to real world and develop practical skills for affordable remodeling at home.

Costume Design for Alice in Wonderland Learn to design and improve your painting, constructing, designing and sewing skills while creating the fantastical costumes for the drama club’s production of Alice in Wonderland. The student will learn safety, how to use various tools, and basic sewing as well as how to read and use patterns and modify fit.

Crazy Paint: Jammin’ cats and funky monkeys; owls and giraffes, dancing snowmen, handprints and google eyes…. explore the way paper, salt, blending and washes create cool paintings for even beginning painters! Come play in the paint with us!

Creative Cooks   In this cooking club students will not only learn to prepare foods but learn to decorate with them as well.  Teamwork, safety, kitchen tools and science will round out this class of preparing festive foods.

Design a Fidget Spinner (4-6)  They are all the craze... and you know you love them... but how do you make one? Come learn the step-by-step process of building a variety of basic fidget spinners...and then let your creativity explode as you learn the skills necessary to design ab=nd build a variety of these fascinating toys. All  materials are provided and you will finish the class with more than one completed spinner and the knowledge to make more!

Destination Imagination In this club students tackle challenges that might require building, designing, performing or inventing. These are all examples of DI instant challenges: open-ended project-based activities blend STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education with the arts and

Dissection Are you comfortable with cutting? In this class we form groups and learn about how organs, tissues, and systems operate at the level of the organs and organisms. Learning to dissect can help students understand how the living world is put together. This hands-on club activity will make all of life science easier to understand. Join us as we look at clams, chicken hindquarters, a cow eye, and much more!

Drama 7-12 (year-long): This 2-hour club activity will focus on the production of our spring play. Major and minor role characters will have an opportunity to continue to ignite their passion for acting.  Our director will match your commitment to out-of-class work with her dedication to providing you with instruction skills and a performance you can be proud of. Extra rehearsals before the spring performance, and studying lines and blocking at home, are required.

Ozobots and Sphero The future fits in your hand: introducing Ozobot and Sphero- the tiny smart robots. There is no end to the possibilities, as our students create a different landscapes of adventure, games and coding with Ozobot and Sphero. Imagine, a learning toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEM education, robotics and coding. In this course students will participate in beginning stress-free coding that doesn’t even look like coding. 

Fancy Food In this club, students will learn to create edible food designs that make healthy food beautiful! Students will have an opportunity to compete in contests for designing the “fanciest” and tastiest snacks too. Learning to add garnishes, plate a fancy dessert or create a food carving are all parts of this course. They will learn the skills to compete in the Spokane Interstate Fair’s Creature Feature division.

Fencing This PE club in classical fencing emphasizes tradition and insists on respect and integrity.  This class is an introduction to fencing and will focus on developing core strength and endurance. Students will learn the classical fencing form and basic attacks and parries. Advanced students will focus on advanced skills, bouting and competition. To excel, it will be necessary that students practice at home.  Come dressed in exercise clothes.  All fencing equipment necessary will be provided.

Fine Woodcraft: In this class, for older students, you will learn to use hand tools to build a variety of wood projects. The saw, miter box, hammer, screw driver, sanding block and simple finishes will become well known friends in this fun, hands-on class.

Fine Woodcraft: In this club, for older students, you will learn to use hand tools to build a variety of wood projects. The saw, miter box, hammer, screw driver, sanding block and simple finishes will become well known friends in this fun, hands-on class.

Flying Creatures  K-3 students begin exploring the dynamics of flight and animal classification of many flying creatures.  From insects to birds and flying mammals this hands-on science class will engage students in projects so students can learn about the habitats and behaviors of these flying creatures and develop observation and identification skills.

Friendship Force: All K-3 Students will participate in this mini course for the first 20 minutes after lunch. Students will have a chance to build a deeper sense of community and friendship with their friends, learn names, sing birthday songs and celebrate tooth loss. Students will have an opportunityto learn more about each other  during a "Student of the Week" component which highlights the unique interests and gifts of each child.

Genius Hours: Come for the Challenge, Stay for the Fun: 4-8 In this class, you are in charge of your own learning. Have you ever wondered how the suction cups on octopuses work or maybe how the UN operates? Join us for a journey through an in depth study of, well, whatever it is that interests you. That’s right! This is an empowering self-directed class where students will delve into a particular subject fully. Your student will learn how all subjects intermingle to create a better understanding of the world around us. Written works, hands-on projects, research, and reading will all be required for this class. Students will learn from their peers as they encourage each other to stretch their limits. Come discover your inner genius!

Geography Bee Grades 4-8: Students can supplement their social studies at home with this fun approach to geography. Through games, students will learn geography facts and have the option to attend a competitive geography bee (which can go national :-). "The National Geographic Bee is an annual competition organized by the National Geographic Society, designed to inspire and reward students' curiosity about the world. Students in grades four through eight (4-8) from 10,000 schools across the United States will compete in the 2018 National Geographic Bee for a chance to win college scholarships and the glory of being the National Geographic Bee Champion." (National Geographic)

GF Cooking on a budget Learn to create GF foods that are so tasty and healthy that you won’t notice the missing gluten. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert foods will be covered.

Google Earth: This course will use technology explore outer space and inner space with Google Earth. Would you like to fly across the ocean to another continent? Dive deep into the depths of the ocean? Fling yourself into outer space and view the solar system from afar? Peel back different layers of time in a single space-time continuum? Explore distant places such as the North Pole and Mars? Google Earth will allow us to go on amazing adventures! It is a virtual globe program that displays the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. Google Earth and similar programs represent a treasure trove of information that is easily accessible.

Hand Chimes Have you ever heard a hand bell choir? The music is stunningly beautiful!  We have received a grant for a permanent purchase of  a 3-octave set of hand chimes. These professional quality chimes sound like hand bells but are easier to control. Students will master the fundamentals of melody, coordination and technique while collaborating to create beautiful music. 

High School Literature: Poetry, Prose and Perspectives (year long) Can you identify theme, mood, motif, literary elements and poetic devices? Would you like to learn these high school skills in a low stress, no-homework environment?  This year-long club will involve listening to and reading famous and fascinating short stories and moving or funny poems. We will annotate and decorate them so that the learning and terminology sticks. Colored pens and pencils, stickers and guidance will result in new learning, enjoyment of literature and engaged discussions.

Hiking:  Join your friends on a weekly hike for some renewing exercise in nature. You will also learn skills of observation, identification, ecology and teamwork

History through Art: From cave painting to rock carving to mosaics and Celtic Art, this class will take you on an artistic adventure through time!  Many hands on projects in a variety of mediums will expose students to the arts and techniques of the centu

iMovie   Love to tell a good story? This club teaches students how to use iMovie, an Apple video editing application. Students will film and edit videos for movies and presentations.

Improv: Here you will learn improvisational skills that pertain to acting and to every day life. This class is designed to increase confidence on stage and in social situations. Learning to make and accept offerings onstage as well as developing and portraying characters can be accomplished by playing improvisational games, and performing in both comedic and dramatic situations. Students will gain experience being in a performance environment and learn skills in acting and thinking on your feet. This class will be useful to those with no experience and seasoned actors alike.

Irish Dance
If your child has boundless energy and needs an excuse to jump up and down, this is the class for you! Students will enjoy learning to feel the rhythm of the music, as well as move their feet in perfect time to Irish Jigs and Reels. They will be taught the basic forms needed to execute simple steps in Traditional Irish Step Dancing, and learn several basic dances. This class will also learn the joy of team-work by learning a few simple Ceili (group) dances. WHAT DO IRISH DANCE STUDENTS NEED? - Black pants (yoga pants are ideal) and T shirt for class. Girls, skirts or dresses are not appropriate for dance class, as it makes it difficult to jump and move correctly. Irish Dance soft shoes arenot required, but are available at Empire Dance in Downtown Spokane or can be purchased online.

Jr. Drama (4-8) Jump in and learn to put your energy and creativity to the test! Through a variety of skits, games and activities you will develop your acting skills and begin to prepare a winter and spring performance. This smaller play is designed for students looking for smaller more manageable roles. .Jump in!

Leathercrafting: Leather is one of the oldest and most enduring materials for creating practical items. From bags to book covers and belts to bracelets, the crafting of leather never fails to entice. Come learn the history and historical uses of leather and primitive leather making practices as you work on your own creations. These will NOT be pre-cut ready to stamp projects!

Lego and Sphero Robotics The future fits in your hand! Our students will explore Ozobot and Sphero robots, Lego robotics and Little Bits Engineering. Using these amazing learning toys they will open the doors of computer science, STEM education, robotics and beginning stress-free coding that doesn’t even look like coding.  

Lego Learning In this club, students will take on a different challenge every week.  Legos have captured the fascination of many children. We will access that fascination and provide challenges that require collaboration, problem solving, imagination and creativity….all the wonderful parts of children’s minds that we love to celebrate. Some of the challenges might involve building the largest, or tallest structures; a maze or moving vehicle; a bridge, windmill, birdhouse or ancient monument; one never knows! Jump in and create with us!

Lego Robotics:  Do you have a Lego fanatic?  How about a robot nut?  Then this class is for you!  We will build our very own lego robots and then program them to perform a variety of exciting maneuvers.  No previous lego or robot experience required!

LittleBits Engineering: LittleBits is a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks that empower students to invent anything, from their own remote controlled cars, to a smart home devices. The Bits snap together with magnets, no soldering, no wiring, no programming needed. In this class students will focus on creativity and the design process by working through a variety of challenges and thinking up their own! Google "LittleBits" for more information.

Mad Scientist Magic Tricks  It’s not magic, it’s science!  Students will learn how and why magic tricks work and the science behind them. This is a hands-on club where students will learn scientific principles and tricks of optical illusion to impress and amaze their friends.

Marco Polo and the Far East  This club provides a unit study and hands-on projects about the life of Marco Polo, as well as how the Silk Road came under the control of the Mongol rule. This course covers one of the great explorers/conquerors and includes geography as well as history.

Marimbas: The marimba is a percussion instrument that originated in the African country of Zimbabwe. It is made of wooden bars, played with mallets, and amplified by resonators suspended underneath the wooden bars. Their magical music is accessible to every skill level. This class has access to 7 marimbas. 1-3 people can work at each marimba.
Learning will take place off-campus at Covenant United Methodist (8 min N from North Star)
just north of Wandermere Golf Course.  The marimbas will be brought to our Winter Showcase and our Spring Celebration of Learning. Depending on interest, we can make this a “parent & student” class, or expand it to two different grade levels and include a gym opportunity.

Martial Arts: Self defense is a core ability that benefits everyone. The knowledge that comes with the ability to defend oneself promotes confidence, respect, attitude, mental and physical toughness, and knowing when to be gentle and when to be rough. All of these benefits are encapsulated in this skill set. Students will learn strikes, blocks, joint locks, throws, submissions, grappling, kickboxing, and maybe even a little fight choreography! There are few things as rewarding as taking someone who wants to learn, and helping to develop their skills so that they are at least a step above the average person in practicing self-defense. Students should expect to work hard, and participate in strength conditioning and flexibility training to help students learn to work with their bodies. This class will be fun for everyone involved. Because martial arts can be dangerously misused, parents are required to enforce the safety rules I insist on in my class: There will be no martial arts practice outside of class or direct parent supervision. Violation of this safety rule will result in temporary suspension from class. I look forward to helping students develop as people and capable defenders of themselves and others.

Math & Writing Lab (combination of math lab and writing lab as both teachers can handle both subjects) Math Lab: Are you getting stuck on concepts in math? Are you looking for a nice, quiet, focused environment where you can work on math homework with the support and help of a teacher always on hand? Well come on in and make yourself at home! Bring your math homework and questions to class for help and clarification on all the tricky concepts that math may throw your way! Writing lab
Bring in the writing project you are working on for help or choose an in class assignment. This class is supportive, and provides specific success-focused-instruction to help every young writer move from their current skill level up through the next step, whatever that might be for each child. This individualized approach will help each student meet their goals and needs.

Minecraft: Smithsonian Natural History Museum: (Students must have their own Minecraft account at home., available from for $26.95. This is a one-time purchase which the school cannot cover.) In this 2-hour club, students will learn about the unique dispays and exhibits in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum through a virtual tour online. Next, on a private Minecraft server, built just for our students, students will create their own Minecraft replicas, integrating the essential elements under study. A group build will be available as an optional stretch for students ready for the challenge. Critical thinking, collaboration and creativity will be emphasized in this history-art-technology integration class.

Mini-makers: Cardboard has entertained kids for decades and this club is sure to keep them entertained. Mini-makers uses cardboard and special plastic rivets to introduce students to 3-D building. Planning, problem solving, basic engineering and motor planning are elements of this course.

More than Greek Mythology:  We’ve all heard of the Greek gods but how many students know the mythology from the Nordic countries, Asia, South America or Africa? This club will use hands-on-projects to explore mythology from around the world and will integrate history and geography.

Mountain Folk Art: Keep the lost arts alive in this class. Using the tools of early Americana, students will create handcrafted arts using a variety of media, which MAY include fiber, glass, leather, metal, mixed media, natural materials, paper, wood and jewelry.

Moving On: Jump in the van and take off for a weekly outing to prepare for moving on from high school with this class. Students will experience practical field trips to explore post high-school options including colleges, trade schools, apprenticeship programs,  career shadowing, service opportunities and team building fun.

Mudbox Mudbox is a proprietary computer-based 3D sculpting and painting tool, currently developed by Autodesk. Using numerous sculpting and texturing tools, animators can add detail to their 3D models. Students will learn the fundamentals of navigating in Mudbox, and explore this fascinating software used in film and games industries

Music Makers: Learn to play simple instruments, including a glockenspiel (xylephone) and a beautiful set of hand bells Students will learn to delight in making music, learn beginning note reading and perform simple selections in an ensemble setting. Students will NOT need to procure their own instruments.  

North Star Brunch Bistro  Brunch is better with friends. In this class students will learn to safely use kitchen tools and appliances to prepare a variety of brunch items for different occasions.

Oil Pastels This club offers step-by-step instruction on creating vibrant paintings with the often overlooked but versatile medium, oil pastel.  Oil pastels are inexpensive and may be used directly in dry form with minimal setup and easy clean up, so beginners can get started right away! Our artist in residence will guide students to use this medium on a wide range of subjects—from flowers and animals to landscapes. with simple, step-by-step projects. Students will experiment with composition, line, undertones, color tones and shades, blending, intensifying and unifying color.

Oil Pastels with Spanish: This club will introduce our younger learners to magic and vibrancy of oil pastels with lots of Spanish vocaulary and phrases sprinkled in through an immersion setting. Students will create simple but beautiful art projects by following step-by-step instructions, presented in English and Spanish. Students will experiment with composition, color, line, blending, motor skills, direction following and will learn an appreciation and familiarity with the beautiful language of Spanish form a native of Panama. 

Ozobots and More: The future fits in your hand! Our students will explore Ozobot and Sphero robots, Lego robotics and Little Bits Engineering. Using these amazing learning toys they will open the doors of computer science, STEM education, robotics and beginning stress-free coding that doesn’t even look like coding.  

Painting with the Masters Art: In this club, students will learn about famous painters and and their most famous works. Then students complete a their own masterpiece in the style of the artist studied. History geography art and art appreciation are all rolled into one.

Paracords & Dreamcatchers  You will learn how to use polycord and simpleknots to create a variety of practical projects that can often look deceptively like bracelets, key chains or zipper-pulls. The knots used in this class are useful across like as well and develop fine motor skills, concentration and attention to detail.  Dream catchers will take the knots to another level as students recreate a well known form of Native American art and learn about the cultures that created these beautiful designs.

PE: 3-6 This is going to be a great class! We will be playing a variety of sports such as volleyball, soccer, football and many more group games.  Students will enjoy and learn the importance of what it means to be healthy and active. Come Join PE, you know everyone is having fun here.

PE: 7-12 This is going to be a great class! We will be playing a variety of sports such as volleyball, soccer, football and many more group games.  Students will enjoy and learn the importance of what it means to be healthy and active. Come Join PE, you know everyone is having fun here.

PE: Ropes, Jumping and Line Boogi  This high energy PE class will keep your students moving with ropes and jump roping skills and games of all types.

Personal Self Defense The instructor in this classes uses her years of experience in a variety of martial art forms to educate your student on safety. This class we will address situational awareness, boundary setting and physical self-defense techniques which will help to keep the students safe in any situation.

Phonics Art and Games: Let’s learn phonics through games and art projects! Students reading at the kindergarten through first grade level will play and learn. Letter and phonogram sounds, blending skills, sight words and more will be integrated into traditional PE games, table games and art projects for an active approach to literacy. Students will gain skills most with 2x per week participation. 

Phonics PE: Let’s learn phonics through active PE games! Students reading between the first and second grade level will learn through play. Phonogram sounds, blending skills, word patterns and families, sight words and more will be integrated into traditional PE games for an active approach to literacy. Students will gain skills most with 2x per week participation. 

Photography How about some digital photography with an actual purpose? This exciting class will put your creative wheels in motion...literally! It is all about learning to “see” stories, symbolism, representations, beauty and fine art design in the everyday world around you. THEN....learning how to take those shots that capture the story you saw. We will also display our favorite images as framed prints. This course is NOT designed to create the yearbook or slideshow...unless a student wants to pursue this as an individual project.

Physical Science Lab: Hands-on, minds-on inquiry-based study of introductory chemistry and physics for high school  students. Join us to discover the secret of alchemy, make hard rock candy, blow up balloons chemically, find out what makes popcorn pop, create flubber, and make some crazy chemical reactions.

Physiology Fridays at Whitworth: Students in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to join students from Riverpoint Academy on a weekly field trip to the Whitworth physiology lab. With a focus on physiology, dissection and anatomy and physiology, this is not for the squeemish. Please contact Shellie Jones if you are interested in participating.

Piano In this small club students will receive individual instruction, work on music theory, practice opportunity and an introduction to composers. Book may be purchased using curriculum allotment dollars. Practice sessions are expected at home.

Pottery Taught by an experienced potter,  this popular class will move from hand building to wheel throwing, hardening, trimming, bisquing, glazing and firing. We will use pottery clay and learn one of the most intriguing art forms around. Students in grades 7-12 who have already had some experience in hand-building  will gain an introduction to wheel throwing and will build their skills in hand building, trimming, and glazing. Students will take turns on the wheel, with two-four students per week having an opportunity to use the wheel. Students must have strength and the maturity to follow directions and work independently and responsibly to work on the wheel in class.

Print making: Can students make beautiful art from styrofoam, a rubber eraser or a potato? You bet! This course will introduce students to the art of making prints using a variety of materials. Project planning, proper use of tools and sharing are all skills that will be covered while exploring this art form.

Radio Theater  Radio Theater is a lost art that will be recreated in this class. The students will create an old-time radio drama with sound effects, while reading scripts with dramatic expression. No memorization is required…but a dramatic spirit is essential.

Reader's Theater Using scripts, students reading between the second and third grade level will enjoy acting out wonderful and engaging stories with with dramatic skills and simple props. Build your reading skills, expression, fluency and comprehension.

Reading Adventure This club is designed for students to workin a group on building reading skills with some intensive support. Enrollment is by invitation only. Students are required to participate twice a week.

Reading Support This class is designed for students to work on building reading skills with some intensive support. Enrollment is by invitation only. Students are required to participate twice a week.

Reverse Engineering In this club students will jump right into hands on learning, using old electronics, the students will learn how to take them apart using a variety of skills (problem solving, cooperation, research), and try to figure out the possible use of the different parts.

Rollerskating:  In this OFF CAMPUS PE class students will ride by van to the Boys and Girls Club on north Market Street. Beginners will learn the basics of roller skating and more experienced skaters will have the opportunity to practice and hone their skills in any kind of weather. Students will need a helmet and a pair of skates in good condition, and a signed permission slip. Skates will be inspected to insure they will not hurt the gym floor.

Rubiks Cube Are you ready to learn the secrets behind solving a Rubik's Cube? Our own student, Nicholas, will guide you through the algorithms required to become a speed solver. Students will gain confidence, build sequential problem solving ability, enhance spatial reasoning and develop patience! Plus, it’s FUN! You will need a 3 X 3 X 3 Rubik's Cube and some patience. With some practice you will able to solve it in 2 - 3 minutes. This course is specifically for the beginners.

Sew Much Fun!  Hand sewing is an essential life skill..and it is a lot of fun!  Join this class and create your own sewing kit, learn basic hand-stitching, create a felt applique picture, learn to make bead and fabric fairies, and fasion other fabric creations!

Shadow Puppet Theater Using scripts, enjoy performing wonderful and engaging stories with shadow puppets and build your reading skills, expression, fluency and comprehension.

Shocking Electricity - Students will step into this mysterious subject to discover some foundational information, like, WHAT IS ELECTRICITY… (seriously, do you know what it is?)  learn what’s inside of a battery, spend some time with different circuit experiments – including learning the difference between parallel and series circuits (and why you would use one or the other), point of contact variables, conductors and insulators (experimenting with various household items, classifying them accordingly), and learn several new vocabulary words, and electricity short-hand (A.K.A. notation or schematics) to save time and add clarity when we design our own circuits.  In the end, students will harbor some great feelings of awe and accomplishment.

Silly Snacks: Develop cooking skills while making silly healthy snacks.  Then enjoy snacks while learning silly jokes, silly skits and funny books.

Simple Woods  In this class students will learn to use hand tools to build a variety of wood projects.  The  saw, miter box, hammer, screw driver, sanding block and  simple finishes will beomce well known friends in this fun hands on class.

Single Survival Cooking Are you ready to live on your own? Can you cook a variety of healthy (and tasty!) meals on a tight budget? Learn how to cook foods you will love, on a budget you can afford, in a way that is good for your growing body!

Sky and Stars: Come learn about constellations and the Greek myths behind them. This class will include hands-on art and science activities on stars, planets, and other celestial beings of the galaxy. Of course you can’t have a stars course without star gazing!

Soups of the World Geography meets cooking in this around the world tasty class. Each week students will learn to use kitchen tools, appliances and work together as a team to create a soup from a different country in the world. 

Spanish Art and Games: This class is aimed at the rapid achievement of the 100-200 highest frequency words in Spanish in through interesting engaging storytelling, art projects, active games, interviews, brief conversations, and hands-on activities delivered in an immersion format. Students are invited to take this class more than once because although the curriculum changes each time, the pace will always stay comfortable so that the experience is effortless and fun. Students are guided through the process of beginning language acquisition in a low pressure, low-stress environment.

Spanish Tutoring and Conversation: 7-12 Taking a course in Spanish but could use some practice or additional help? This course will include conversations in Spanish and tutoring for additional help. Laughter and clarity will be your take away…as well as the necessary coversational time chuncks to bring your B to an A.

Stagecraft  In this class, students will work closely with drama director and class to design a visual concept for the school play.  Students will also work with woodworking class to help build sets.  Students will learn mural-style painting techniques, stage design, creative use of props, furniture painting and design and “up”cycling. This class requires hard work, commitment, leadership and maturity!  It may also be one of the most fun classes you will ever take!

Superhero PE Look! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, its SUUUUUUPER HERO PE. Do you like Spiderman, Superman and Batman? If so, you are going to love this class because we will be dressing up and saving the world from Evil Super Villains. This class will be a fun, high- energy class where students will learn how to work together and fight crime. 

Surprising Science K-3: What happens when I eat food? How do waves form? Children have a natural curiosity about everything around them. This class will engage young learners with science experiments, activities, videos, and books. Geography, biology, chemistry, zoology, astronomy, physics, and even paleontology are all subjects that will delight your young scientist. We will explore, create explosions, dissect light, and build tectonic plates to simulate an earthquake! Join us for science that you can sink your hands into, literally.

Tackling a Research Paper   From start to finish, students will learn how to complete a research paper.  Students will have work at home, will learn to use Google docs, and will learn a methodical process for creating a great paper.

Tea Time Story Time: Who doesn't love a wonderful story?  Quality stories read dramatically and will be shared while enjoying tea with friends. This class will also provide an introduction to manners in a slightly formal setting, tea-time behavior and listening skills.

Teatime Poetry Come celebrate as the English do! Gather around to enjoy tea and crumpets (or some other treat.) Listen to poetry: fun, silly, sad, touching, inspiring!  Create a little book of poems using glue and your thumbprints! No writing required! This is a delightful class for readers and non-readers alike.

Tile Art: Learn to create art designs on and with tile. The class will involve exploring painting designs on tile and creating design through mosaic creations. These design creations can be used for decoration, garden art or everyday home uses. Students will be encouraged to bring their own art ideas to class. Each student will need an apron or over-size shirt, and their imagination

Tinkering:  In this class, students will apply the same engineering design process that engineers use, to solve a different  design challenge every week. Each week, students will work with new materials and  address a different challenge. They will ASK: What is the problem? How have others approached it? What are your constraints? IMAGINE: What are some solutions? Brainstorm ideas. Choose the best one. PLAN: Draw a diagram of the plan for the materials. CREATE: Follow the group plan and create something. Test it out!  IMPROVE: What works? What doesn't? What could work better? Modify your designs to make it better. Test it out!  Students will be able to document their learning with iPads and develop teamwork and communication skills as they to successfully solve each weekly challenge.

Yoga: This PE class will focus on stretching, strengthening and stress management. Nothing eases stress more than exercise. In a calm, quiet setting, participate in stretching and strengthening activities that calm and organize your body for the challenges ahead. Every week, learn a new stress management strategy and develop your own stress management toolbox.